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An association or corporation of persons of the same trade, pursuits, or interests formed for their mutual aid and protection, the maintenance of standards, or the furtherance of some purpose. (The American Heritage Dictionary)

This is the organizing page for The Programmer’s Guild. Now that the software industry is maturing the creation of Guild or professional society specifically for programmers is a necessity. At this time programmers are not organized and this is increasingly putting us at risk.

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Goals of The Programmer’s Guild

  • Promote the profession of programming
  • Conduct lobbying on issues that affect members of the programming profession
  • Set Professional Standards
  • Certification
  • Job Placement


Let’s face it. Our reputation is that we are bunch of geeks. A guild would help present us as the professionals that we are. It would encourage talented people to join the profession and it would actively recruit members among all segments of the population.


As distasteful as politics is, especially to programmers, there are many pieces of legislation that directly impact us. For example

  • Tax Deductions for Medical Insurance
  • IRS Regulations regarding self employment
  • H-1B visa program
  • Drug Testing
  • Non-compete clauses
  • Software Patents

We need to be organized to have our voices heard.

Professional Standards

Civil Engineers rarely build buildings that fall down. Software engineers build systems that fall apart all the time.

Isn’t it frustrating when external forces have you working on a project that is going to collapse under its own weight because it did not follow the right steps. Maybe you work for a consulting company and the sales rep said to the customer “Sure, whatever you want. We’ll sell you the bodies by the hour.” Maybe you work for a company outside the software industry and the management simply does not know how to create software.

A Guild could set standards to be followed and have the prestige to back them up.


What makes a person qualified as a programmer? Clearly it is not education. 80% of the programmers in the U.S. do not have degrees in computer related fields. Right now most certification efforts are run as money makers for business.

As a profession we should set achievement levels and procedures for attaining them. Guild certification should be not be based upon multiple choice tests and should not have its integrity compromised by the selling of test preparation materials.

Job Placement

Companies claim they can’t find programmers. Programmers can’t find jobs. A guild could put the two groups together.

A guild could also assist people who want to move into the programming profession. It could assist immigrants with experience in programming to get started in America.

Whatever Else the Members Want

This list is not the limit of what a Guild could do. If you have ideas we are open to suggestions.

Are You Interested?

If you are a programmer and you are a resident of the United States*+ and you are interested in becoming a charter member of such an organization please send and E-Mail. Please include the following information.

  • Your Name
  • Address (If you are concerned about privacy your City and State will do)
  • E-Mail Address

This mailing list will only be used for the purpose of organizing the Guild. You may be removed from this list upon request.

There has been some interest from Canadians. If there is sufficient interest and the legal problems are not too great we would be happy to include Canada in this enterprise.

There has been interest expressed from other countries as well. Therefore we are happy to include people for other countries as well. The more the merrier.

Are You Not Hearing From Us?

If you have signed up for the Programmers Guild and are not receiving E-Mail from us, you may have changed E-mail addresses and not told us. If this is the case, send your new contact information to info@programmersguildusa.com.

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If not us, then who?

If you are a programmer and you have decided not to join us, ask yourself what organization are you going to join? With Congress engaging in open warfare against the programming profession in exchange for cash, we have two choices:

  1. Take it lying down
  2. Fight Back!

Congress is passing laws restricting where and how can you work. If you are not going to join us you can start your own programmer’s group, find another group, or be a wimp.

If you are considering or have already joined us you should take the time to view the portion of this site that is relevant to the state that you live in. There may be an existing local chapter of The Programmer’s Guild or you may want to start a chapter. The table below lists the regions the PG is divided into and provides a hyperlink to the portion of this site dedicated to those states in that region.